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About the Inventor

walkabout Carriers, inc. | Los Angeles, CA

Meet the Inventor

Like many young musicians, Matt Patterson participated in the high school music program including the marching band, and drumline, and was even selected as Band President his senior year.  A lifelong drummer, Matt has been playing drums since about the age of 7, and continues to enjoy drumming to this very day.

An avid, and curious tinkerer, Matt took wood shop, metal shop, and mechanical drawing classes in middle school developing his creative skills along with art, photography, and foreign language studies; including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and others.

Matt studied film and television production at the University of Southern California graduating in 1986 with a B.A. in film and television production. Matt has been working in post production sound for over thirty years at facilites like Skywalker Sound South, Todd AO, Sony Pictures, and currently 20th Century Fox, while pursuing the Walkabout project in his spare time, completely self funded.

All of these creative and technical skills led to the "Eureka!" moment nearly thirty years ago, when the proverbial light bulb lit up and Matt realized, electronic musical instruments don't have to remain on a stationary stand, plugged into the wall socket, and cabled up to the P.A. system. Why not wear it?

Three decades later, Matt Patterson continues to pursue his passion for Walkabout Carriers. While the original concept was to replicate a full drum kit in a wearable electronic kit, Matt has continued to refine the Walkabout into the totally original, battery powered and wireless carrier harness it is today. 

Matt is the sole inventor and designer of the Walkabout Carrier, and President of Walkabout Carriers, Incorporated, attaining U.S.patents 5.076,131, D388246, with additional patents pending.

Walkabout Carriers has been a member of NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants for over 25 years.

Whether you are finding your path, or blazing a trail, "Get Moving.  Go Walkabout!" - WALKABOUT CARRIERS!


Walkabout Carriers are made of the highest quality materials including aircraft quality aluminum sheet metal for a lightweight, yet rugged and extremely durable electronic musical instrument carrier built to last.  Walkabout Carriers is proud to have RPS INDUSTRIES as our exclusive sheet metal part supplier.   www.rpsusa.com

Our sleek, industrial design is simple yet elegant with both straight lines and sexy curves.  Our carriers have all the hardware and fasteners are turned inward toward to the body, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Walkabout Carriers are incredibly comfortable with generous 3/4” neoprene foam padding, and an optional hip belt for added comfort and security in live performance, and are available with optional stick caddies for electronic percussionist performing with sticks or mallets.  Walkabout Carriers uses the highest quality parts and components for durability, and added value.   www.mcmaster.com

Our modular design of interfacing parts allows for total customization for your carrier, with numerous options.  For example, our shoulder harness is available in three sizes to accomodate all body types because we know, one size does NOT fit all.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible so your performance brings out the best in you. 

Walkabout Carriers are available in two standard models, with or without a battery supply.  

The Walkabout "PATHFINDER" is our basic carrier, without a battery supply, for use when your electronic musical instrument has its own internal battery supply.  The Pathfinder weighs approximately 4 lbs. or 1.8 kg.

The Walkabout "TRAILBLAZER' is our proprietary battery powered carrier, to supply consistent, regulated current to your electronic musical instrument that has no internal battery supply.  The Trailblazer weighs approximately 12 lbs or 5.4 kg.  We provide TWO rechargeable 12 volt, 6ah batteries, so while one is in use, the back up is either charging, or standing by ready to change out.  Depending upon the amperage your device draws, our batteries provide hours of actual playtime, long enough for a standard set, or an extended jam.

Walkabout Carriers are available in two standard 'on the shelf' colors - matte black with a slight textured surface, and gloss white with a shiney, smooth surface.   Over 6,000 custom colors are available for an additional cost.  We can match your school, or organizations color scheme for the ultimate customized carrier.

Our Carriers are painted using the powder coating process which offers greater durability, and scratch resistance that sprayed on lacquer.   We believe powder coating is the highest quality paint protection available as the paint is literally baked into the surface of the aluminum.  As mentioned above, there are thousands of colors available! 

Walkabout Carriers is proud to have ANDREWS POWDER COATING, as our exclusive powder coating provider.  www.powdercoater.com

And now... Let's build your Walkabout!

Each Walkabout Powered Carrier is packaged with a supportive Tool Kit containing TWO 12 volt rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, digital battery tester, and adjustment tools.

Toolkit for Walkabout Powered Carriers