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Electronic Musical Instrument Carriers

Our mission:  mobilize electronic
musical instruments for live music performance.

For the longest time, electronic musical instruments have been placed on stationary musical instrument stands, plugged into the wall socket, and cabled up to the P.A. system. Those days are over.  Now you can get a Walkabout on, and set yourself free!

Walkabout Carriers are marching style carrier harnesses designed specifically for elecronic musical instruments, with a rechargeable battery supply, and intended for use with a wireless system, to disconnect the cables so you can connect with your audience.

Dance! Jam out! Join the choreography! Be a rock star!  Roam around the stage, or out among the crowd!

 "Get Moving. Go Walkabout!" 

Synthesizer Carrier Los Angeles, CA

Walkabout Carrier


Musical Instrument Carriers Los Angeles, CA

Walkabout Powered Carrier


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Based in Los Angeles, Walkabout Carriers specializes in customizing carrier harnesses for electronic musical instruments.  Battery powered, and wireless (audio, or MIDI) there are no cables, providing complete freedom of mobility for live music performance.  

Think of it as a user-wearable musical instrument stand with its own power supply.  

Walkabout Carriers can accomodate nearly every category of electronic musical instruments - percussion controllers, keyboard controllers, MIDI controllers, DJ controllers and synthesizers.  We've even created carriers for lap steel guitars, and theremins.

When in doubt we'll figure it out! 

Walkabout Carriers serve the live performance needs of just about every musician and style of music from EDM, rock and roll, hip hop and rap, latin dance, country music. and even church worship leaders.  

Walkabout Carriers are especially well suited for school marching bands, 'pep' bands, and indoor drum lines, from the parade route to the field show, and even the basketball court.

Disconnect the cables to better connect with your audience.

"Get Moving. Go Walkabout!"

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Thank you for your interest in our mobile musical instruments in Los Angeles, CA! We look forward to discussing our wearable musical instrument stands with you soon!

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